In autumn and spring, mild temperatures make it easy to forget about your home's energy efficiency. But when your air conditioner or furnace really kicks in during summer and winter, the energy wasted heating and cooling your home becomes painfully obvious. It can hit your bottom line hard.  Taking steps to make your home more energy efficient can save you lots of money. 

A lack of insulation often accounts for the biggest amount of energy loss in the average home and leaky ducts is second. Heat escapes from homes during the winter and intrudes during the summer through­ a house's envelope. This envelope consists of all the ceilings, floors, outer walls, windows and doors in your house. Simply by sealing this envelope, you can decrease your heating and cooling costs by an average of 20 percent.                  [source: Energy Star].

In partnership with Entergy Texas' Entergy Solutions program, TRES can make your home energy efficient with little or no cost to you.