Our Team

Lavelle Perin

Lavelle has 27 years of experience in energy efficiency, including serving on boards researching and establishing energy efficiency standards for duct testing and sealing, air infiltration and whole house efficiency. She was part of the team that developed and implemented certifcation standards for PTCS has been certified by HERS and BPI.

Clay Perin

Clay has been involved with energy efficiency for 15 years and has another 20 years of experience in contract implementation and purchasing.

Joshua Miller

Josh  has 17 years of experience in energy efficiency, including technician training and certification in duct testing and sealing and air infiltration, providing quality assurance, technical supervision, personnel and management.  Josh ahas been certified by PTCS and HERS . 

Loren Todd

Loren has been with TRES for two years as our Marketing/Admin Specialist. She works directly with customers, providing information on energy efficiency and how our services can meld with their needs. She also handles all the customer paperwork and manages our numerous referrals.  Loren has a Bachelor's in Business Management and Entrepreneurship, with a minor in Marketing, and a Master of Business Administration.

Travis Ashley

Travis has seven years of experience in ceiling insulation,duct testing and sealing and air infiltration.  As our crew foreman, he is responsible for on-the-ground installation of all services and staff supervision, as well as our insulation specialist.  Travis has been trained as a PTCS Technician and Home Energy Rating System Rater.